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  • Luxor - Innovative Workspace Product Solutions

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  • Ghent Graphics Boards

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    Visually Enhanced Whiteboards

    Communicate, collaborate, and learn with Ghent Graphics, visually enhanced whiteboards. Available in seven different offerings, you’ll find a dry erase board that will work to promote communication in your hospital with patient room boards, scheduling and OR count boards; manufacturing facilities with LEAN initiatives and In/Out boards; and grid whiteboards for use in your office or classroom. Each board comes framed in our sleek, ¼” smooth aluminum frame. Graphics are produced in gray to seamlessly match any interior.

    Ghent Graphics Boards


  • evolve™ sliding system


    evolve™ sliding system

    Evolve markerboards are on the move. Evolve Sliding System adds a sliding board to a xed wallboard to increase usable surface or to conceal/reveal writing on the board surface. Features: • LCS3 projection friendly porcelain enamel steel markerboard • Fixed panel in sizes up to 4’ x 8’; sliding panel, in 3’0” and 4’0” widths, moves smoothly on top and bottom rollers • Contrasting wide face trim at top and bottom; narrow face trim along sides • Satin anodize aluminum trim; powder coat painted nish optional • Snap-on aluminum accessory tray furnished with sliding panel

  • Invisible Mounting

    Galaxy Magnetic Glass Board with Invisi-mount Galaxy Magnetic Glass Board with Invisi-mount

    Silky smooth surface writes easily, erases cleanly – no ghosting

    1/4” Tempered low-iron content glass for exceptional clarity

    Steel-backed glass doubles as a “tack” surface; furnished with rare earth magnets

    • Invisi-mount – no visible hardware; gives the appearance of a floating panel

    Available in sizes up to 5’ x 8’

    Custom logos, custom colors and custom sizes available

  • Glass Boards - Smooth and Attractive



    Galaxy Magnetic Glass Markerboards are furnished with rare-earth magnets. 1/4” thick glass is back-painted in your choice of 10 standard or over 180 optional colors. Calm White is furnished if color not speci ed. Custom colors and custom logos optional Stand- off mounting with edge grips


  • Best-Rite Summer Shipping is Super Fast


    If you have ever tried ordering visual display items at this time of year, you know it can take weeks to get your new boards delivered.

    We are pleased to announce Best-Rite / Mooreco Inc. is ready to ship a select list of popular items in record time!

    Be sure to check our SuperFast Summer Shipping Category to see those Items you can get right away.



  • Choosing The Write Surface

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  • Schools Out - Get Whiteboards

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    School Quality Whiteboards

    School's out, but not for long! Buy now! The time to order new and replacement whiteboards for summer installation is NOW! Take a look at some of our best sellers for school use. These boards are school quality Porcelain enamel steel and built to last, all carrying a 50 year guarantee.

  • Born to Roam

    You shouldn’t have to stand still to collaborate… Roam, a mobile whiteboard, allows for on-the-go collaboration. Designed to be simple and clean, Roam is a prime example of form meeting function. Line up multiple Roam whiteboards to create a larger dry erase surface for use during presentations or move them around the room for breakout sessions. When at rest, the unique nesting feature allows multiple units to fit within a single footprint, maximizing your valuable space. You shouldn't have to be stationary during collaboration and brainstorming. Go ahead… Roam.

    Roam Mobile, 36" W x 68½" H Satin aluminum base, whiteboard


  • April Showers

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    Harmonizing your thoughts has never looked so good. With eight colors and five sizes to choose from, Harmony is a versatile and gorgeous way to brainstorm. Taking today's latest color trends and interior fashions into consideration, we've created the perfect palette of dry-erase boards to choose from. Change the way you think about a "whiteboard."

    • Tempered 1/4" thick glass with rounded or squared corners
    • Pre-drilled mounting holes are inset into the glass: four holes for the 2' x 3', 3'x 4' and 4' x 4' and six holes for the 4' x 6' and 4' x 8'
    • 1" diameter satin aluminum standoff hangers create 1 1/4" spacing between wall and glass markerboard
    • Features a unique, clear acrylic rear-mounted accessory holder, complete with markers and eraser
    • Backed by Ghent's 50 year warranty
    • Includes four rare earth magnets with magnetic version (extra magnets available)
    • Available with custom colors, graphic and logo printing
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