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Why doesn't my board erase?

Most common reasons:
1. Make sure the protective plastic film is removed.
2. In order to ensure that your surface will function properly, it is extremely important to properly clean the board prior to its initial use.
3. Low odor markers do not erase well because they use a water based drying agent. LCS markers use a solvent based drying agent that allows the ink to dry quickly and erase easily.

How do I clean my markerboards and chalkboards?

See our Cleaning Instructions under FAQs.

Porcelain or Melamine?

Porcelain whiteboards are typically referred to as magnetic whiteboards because the porcelain surface is enameled to sheet metal, allowing the whiteboard to accept magnets. Porcelain is a ceramic material derived from heated clays (often kaolinite), which produces a vitreous surface. This hard, non-porous surface helps to prevent ghosting, an effect caused by the absorbance of marker inks into the board's surface. While porcelain whiteboards are a little more expensive, they are durable and can withstand years of use.

Melamine whiteboards may seem to be a more economical alternative to porcelain whiteboards. They are composed of a hard plastic laminate that is covered with a clear-coat writing surface. These whiteboards are designed for light use however, as the clear coat can wear away and leave the surface exposed to ghosting. Melamine whiteboards are best suited in applications where they will be cleaned after each use.

Whiteboard-AtoZ.com recommends porcelain as the preferred writing surface unless size and weight are primary considerations in your purchase.

What is LCS?

Liquid Chalk Surface - Porcelain enamel steel whiteboard, available in several colors.

What is vitracite?

Porcelain enamel steel chalkboard, available in three colors.

What is Claridge Cork?

¼" self healing burlap backed cork bulletin board, made from pure natural ingredients, Claridge Cork is made from renewable raw materials. The combination of oxidized linseed oil, resin, cork and pigments in the product gives Claridge Cork flexibility and resilience. Claridge Cork has a smooth, uniformly dense, suede-like surface with exceptional durability. Claridge Cork is applicable in education: from classrooms to hallways; in healthcare from public areas to staff areas to patient rooms; and in office buildings– on the walls in offices, in conference rooms and meeting areas.Available in 12 colors.

What is Fabricork?

Washable vinyl bulletin board, available in 20 colors.

What is Hook-Fab?

Hook-fab is a hook-and-loop compatible non-woven 100% polyester fabric produced by high density needling and thermal bonding. No other components or materials are used in the process or manufacture. Hook-fab is safe, non toxic, recyclable and environmentally friendlyavailable in 5 colors.

What is Designer Fabric?

100% polyester bulletin board, available in 12 colors.

What is Tan Nucork?

¼" fine grain natural cork, without burlap back

Can I get samples of your materials?

Yes, contact us for sample request.

How long does it take for products to ship?

Items that are in stock generally ship within 2-4 days depending on credit approval. Non stock items generally ship in 3-4 weeks. Transit can take up to 7 days. Please note that during the summer these times will be increased due to a large volume of purchases for the next school year.

See our

Yes, shipping page for more information.

Can I get modified sizes?

Our website contains an extensive listing of products and sizes to suit every need, but if you need any modifications to any product, feel free to Please contact us.

How do I clean my tackboards?

See our Cleaning Instructions under FAQs.

Can I return my purchase?

All our products are custom made. Therefore, there are no returns allowed unless damaged by the freight carrier, in which case, all the proper procedures for making a freight claim must have been followed, see freight policy.