FAQ - Egan

Egan presentation cabinets are available with numerous options.

Standard EganFabric is a nuetral Putty/Charcoal color stable polyester fabric that compliments the full range of Egan Standard and Custom Color finish choices.

Standard Egan Fabric

Egan has a synergy program with Maharam Fabrics. From a library of over 2000 fabrics, Egan has factory-tested and approved 370 tackable textile designs in three quality grades. Each fabric is 54″ wide and ideally suited to Egan’s manufacturing specifications. To place an order please specify:

Maharam fabric number, including color, dye lot (if applicable) Fabric name. For example: Maharam Messenger 458640-041 Azure

Based on this information, you can select the Maharam textile code.

Fabric Samples: Contact Maharam directly at 1-800-645-3943 for samples or presentation.

Grade A

Messenger (458640) This pattern features subtle horizontal rib that provides texture and depth while maintaining a tailored feel.
Manner (466177) This pattern is reminiscent of a textural hop-sack weave and features subtle two-tone colorations.
Medium (463490) This pattern has a Crepe weave that gives it a wool like appearance.
Metric (466014) This pattern provides a checkered woven texture for a symmetrical and pristine appearance.

Please note Milestone collection has now been replaced with Manner collection.

Grade B and C are fashion driven and availability should be confirmed with Maharam customer service prior to placing your order.The fabrics listed below have been tested and are suitable for tackable fabric applications. Egan will test additional new Maharam Fabrics for suitability and to this list from time to time. Click on a Maharam fabric design number below to view online samples:

Grade B

Expression (398460)
Crisp Backed (901420)
Dual (398630)
Gauge (901877)
Glint (901380)
Marquee (463890)
Tek-Wall Channel (399385)
Caliber (398150)
Tek-Wall 1001 (397670)
Parallel (901180)
Sketch (901780)
Tek-Wall Subject (399535)
Tek-Wall Scatter (399390)

Grade C

Nano Point (901410)
Solo (901580)