FAQ - Quartet

Q. Are all whiteboards the same?

No. There are different whiteboard surface types and the material of each surface affects the environment in which the board should be placed, the length of time it will last, its subsequent warranty, and the care the whiteboard needs.

Compare Surface Features

Quartet® DuraMax® Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboards are the “best” offering the highest level of performance and durability and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Total Erase® and glass surface boards make up the mid-tier or “better” category and are for moderate to heavy duty use, with warranties ranging from 7 to 20 years. Magnetic and non-magnetic boards are “good” with 5 year and 1 year warranties, respectively. These two basic board types are ideal for light or personal use. Watch the Not All Whiteboards Are Created Equal" video now.

Q. What size whiteboard should I buy?

Not all whiteboards are the same. The location in which you will place your board determines the surface type and the size of board that is best for your needs. Standard board sizes are 3’W x 2’H, 4’W x 3’H, 6’W x 4’H and 8’W x 4’H.

Q. How do I remove stains from my whiteboard?

Quartet offers a variety of accessories to help you care for your whiteboard including quality erasers to quickly and easily wipe the surface clean, along with board cleaner spray and board wipes to remove ink and dirt.

Q. What are the best board cleaners?

Quartet boards will deliver the best performance when cleaned with Quartet cleaning solutions. We don’t recommend using glass cleaner or all-purpose cleaners as they will damage the whiteboard surface.

Q. Are there different board cleaners for different board surfaces?

Quartet cleaning solutions are suitable for use with all the boards we manufacture. However, the frequency of cleaning needed does differ by board type. The surface of a DuraMax porcelain whiteboard does not absorb ink and needs very little maintenance. A Total Erase or glass whiteboard, for moderate use, needs to be cleaned and maintained every other month. Light use magnetic and non-magnetic boards require cleaning and maintenance no less than once a month.

Choose the Right Surface

Q. Can permanent marker be removed from my whiteboard?

A high quality whiteboard surface can be restored. Draw over the permanent marker with a black dry-erase marker. Wait a few minutes and erase with a whiteboard eraser. Clean the board using a Quartet cleaning solution.

Q. What’s the best dry-erase marker to use?

Quartet EnduraGlide® dry-erase markers provide always bold color. They feature a 3-chamber design to deliver a constant flow of liquid ink directly to the marker tip, and the clear barrel features an ink gauge so that your maker never dies out unexpectedly. All Quartet dry-erase markers are non-toxic, low odor and AP certified. For optimal performance, story dry-erase markers horizontally.

Q. Can I customize my magnetic whiteboard?

Yes. Any magnet can be used on a magnetic whiteboard surface and Quartet offers a variety of magnetic accessories including numbers, letters, shapes and magnetic tape.

Q. How do I mount my whiteboard?

Product specific mounting hardware and instructions are included with every Quartet whiteboard. Contact our consumer care team at 1-888-767-7006 to request replacement instructions.

Q. Where can I purchase a Quartet whiteboard and whiteboard accessories?

Quartet products are available at most office supply stores and through office supply dealers.


Q. Do Quartet whiteboards come with a warranty?

Yes. The length of the warranty is determined by the surface type of the board. Please refer to the product description to find the warranty for a specific board.

Q. Where are Quartet whiteboards manufactured?

Over 90% of Quartet whiteboards are made in the USA.

Q. How do I install Prestige® 2 Connects™ Accessories?

Connects accessories are designed to easily attach to and detach from a Quartet Prestige 2 board frame without any tools. Each accessory has a built-in connector extension that will fit perfectly into the notches on the back of the board frame. Once connected, the accessory remains securely in place. Each accessory can be connected at any height on either side of the board. Please refer to your Connects accessory product manual for more details.

Q. Do Prestige® 2 Connects™ Accessories work with all Quartet whiteboards?

No. Connects accessories will only attach to Quartet Prestige 2 whiteboards. The frames of these boards are specially designed with notches to hold Connects accessories in place.

Q. I have a Prestige® or Prestige Plus® whiteboard. Can I use Connects™ accessories?

No. Connects accessories will only attach to the newer version Quartet Prestige 2 whiteboards. The frames of these boards are specially designed with notches to hold Connects accessories in place.

Q. How do I clean my board?

Quartet boards will deliver the best performance when cleaned with Quartet cleaning solutions. Quartet Glass Infinity™ boards can also be cleaned with glass cleaner. We do not recommend using all-purpose cleaners as they may damage the dry-erase surface.

Q. Who can I contact if I still have more questions?

Contact our consumer care team at 1-888-767-7006.